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PC: Station Office Hours

I could use some help from those of you that have PC and CR Central Region
employee timetables.  I am putting together a spreadsheet showing office
hours of NYC stations on lines south and west of Jersey Shore, PA from 1910
into Conrail days (prior to mid 1986).  I am a bit short on infro from the
PC and CR era.  

I have the following:

PC Central Region Timetable No. 1 (4/28/68):
CT (Keating)--in service continuously.
Walton--630AM-1030PM weekdays.
Winburne--7AM-3PM weekdays.
B&O Jct. (at Clearfield)--open continuously except 11AM Sun-7AM Mon.
CB Jct. (at Curwenville)--7AM-11PM daily except Sun.
Cherry Tree--5AM-2PM weekdays.
SR (at Jersey Shore)--in service continuously.

I understand the above was unchanged on 12/1/68.

CR Central Region Timetable No. 1 (10/1/76):
Beech (formerly B&O Jct.)--in service continuously.
CB Jct.--in service continuously.
Cherry Tree--6AM-10PM weekdays.
SR--in service continuously.

CR Central Region Timetable No. 2 (7/6/86):
Beech--in service continuously.
Note:  G.O. 203 (amendment to the above) shows Beech with no open hours.

CR Harrisburg Div. Timetable No. 3 (4/8/90):
None of the above station listed with open hours.

Can anyone provide the hours of operation for the above stations from ett's
not listed?

Thanks to all that can help me!

Jeff Feldmeier

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