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Re: PC: Old Penn-Cenn RR bed.

Lisa A Bach wrote:
> I'm interested in the history behind an old railroad bed (without the
> rails) near my property north of Lapeer Michigan.    The county map has
> them labeled as Penn-Cenn.  I have walked them and they appear to have
> been raised several years ago with remnant gravel and some old ties lay
> around. It would make an awesome mountain bike trail!   I have walked
> them and they lead to a small town just 2 miles north called
> Columbiaville , MI.  where there is an old brick passenger terminal which
> has since been taken over by the Rotary club.

>From what my sources show, this line used to be a New York Central
line that at one time went from Detroit to Saginaw and Bay City, and
eventually all the way to Mackinaw City. I don't know when it was
abandoned, though.


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