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Re: PC: markings

Dwilgus99 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if the PennCentral used black for the PC and the name on
> their boxcars or other freight equipment?The reason i am asking is,i bought a
> couple box cars from Athearn for my model railroad and they have the PC in
> black and the name PennCentral in black all other markings in white,all on
> jade green.I have never seen any PC cars marked this way,so i do not know if
> this is authentic.Any information on markings would be appreciated.
I saw (and videotaped) a PC gondola here in Canton, Ohio at the east end
of Conrail Canton yard last week. It was yellow with black markings
including black worms. If anybody would like more info, feel free to
e-mail me.
Don    PennCent -AT- bright.net

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