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Re: PC: markings

In a message dated 97-05-07 13:37:49 EDT, you write:

> Can anyone tell me if the PennCentral used black for the PC and the name on
>  their boxcars or other freight equipment?The reason i am asking is,i
> a
>  couple box cars from Athearn for my model railroad and they have the PC in
>  black and the name PennCentral in black all other markings in white,all on
>  jade green.I have never seen any PC cars marked this way,so i do not know
>  this is authentic.Any information on markings would be appreciated.

Somewhere I do have a picture of a black lettering/ pc green boxcar though
I'm still digging for it ( and I'll post a reference when I find it).
Extremely safe
to say Athearn painted more cars like that than PC ever did ;^).

My reaction to the picture was "no shit, Athearn DIDN'T make that up!"


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