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Re: PC: markings

Yes and no. I have a picture of an old PRR 40' boxcar with the PRR
markings painted out and PC painted over the car number using the old PRR
lettering stencil. No PC worms applied. 

I have seen PRR '50 boxcars (outside ribbed ones) with PRR markings
painted over with green and marked with PC worms and stenciling. The
rest of the car remained brown.

I suppose the same "artistic license" was taken with Athearn's tractor
trailer combo. The only PC 40' trailers I saw were silver with a green
rectangle of sheetmetal with white PC worms as markings on the sides. The
tractors I don't know about.


On Wed, 7 May 1997, Christopher Osterhus wrote:
> > 
> PC black markings?  This sounds like a manufacturer has taken out some 
> "modeler's license."  Every PC boxcar I've seen has been jade green with 
> white PC markings...

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