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PC: What if?

"Michael L. Wingard" writes:
 > I have enjoyed thinking about the what if's.  So I have another.  What if
 > New Haven was placed in trust with the Erie Lackawanna and not with Penn
 > Central?  New Haven was a major interchange partner with EL.  This would

This is a possibilty.  I think other mergers possibilites existed, but
since the government already had it's paws all over PC, the probably just
figured "what the heck..."

NH + B&M
NH + D&H (that would have been *colorful*!)

Any of the above may have sustained a stable New England rail company and
possibly avoided Guilford.  However merging NH with any existing New
England railroad would have brought shouts of unfair competiton from the
remaining roads.  

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