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PC: What if?

I have enjoyed thinking about the what if's.  So I have another.  What if
New Haven was placed in trust with the Erie Lackawanna and not with Penn
Central?  New Haven was a major interchange partner with EL.  This would
have kept competition not only in the typical Northeast, but would have
included New England.  I believe that the Government added accelerated PC's
problems by forcing them to include the New Haven one year after they were
formed.  As most people know, there was many internal problems between the
NYC and PRR camps in most business aspects.

The LV could have possibly merged with NW (ex-Nickel Plate) along with a
merger of Reading with B&O/WM.  It is interesting to think that the
Northeast could have four major railroads.  How much track would be still
around and in regular use?

What's your thoughts?


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