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Re: PC: Alco FA2

Bob Zeolla wrote:
> I recently got hold of an undecorated FA2 model and am tempted to paint
> it PC Black (it's already black, I'd just have to add the decals) as
> opposed to PRR Tuscan to match the other one I have .  Question is, does
> anyone know if the FA2 was around long enough to have been in use by
> Penn Central?  I believe they were originally built in 1950.  20 or so
> years isn't that old for a RR engine, is it?

PC inherited 44 of NYC's FA2's. I've never seen a picture of one painted
PC black, but one of them (1350) was known to have been painted in the
"red P" scheme. They were all gone by the fall of 1972. (Note that
the four ex-NH FA1's in the 1330's were painted PC black, but haven't
seen a photo of a PC-painted one....all the FA2's I've seen were in
NYC colors. Not to say that others besides the 1350 didn't get worms.)

Source: Yanosey's _PC Power_

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