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Re: PC: NYC steam heat trailers

On Sun, 27 Apr 1997 12:35:56 -0700 a&kteliz -AT- fsj.net (kimberly lawson &
adrian telizyn) writes:
>Does anyone know whether the NYC Brass Steam Heat Trailer made by 
>made it to the PC era? If so, how were they painted in both the worms 
>cigar band?
>Ps:I would appreciate it if anyone could post any photos as an email 

Adrian - if you can give me a unit #, I can look it up in my NYC/PC/CR
motive power books to see how long it lasted.  If you're referring to
the trailers used behind freight electrics for the run to GCT, I believe
they were out of service by the mid 1950's/early 1960's, and so wouldn't
even have made it to the "cigar band" scheme.  In any case, those
trailers were painted the same way the electrics were (black, silver
lettering), and so wouldn't have recieved the cigar band, even if they'd
lasted that long.  Only a few models of NYC electrics recieved the
lightning stripe or cigar band look, and they were dedicated passenger

Josh Moldover
<joshua_moldover -AT- juno.com>

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