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Re: PC: HO Scale PC Hopper

In a message dated 97-04-21 22:07:47 EDT, you write:

> I was pretty excited about these too, but when I saw one at the local hobby

>  shop, it seemed that the green was definitely wrong.  I think it's way too

>  dark for even a new PC covered hopper (it's more like BN green). Other 
>  opinions?
>  George

As I recall, there was a very marked difference in the green paint over the
life of
PC. Looking at the various Morning Sun Color Guide books I have I find that
in the NYC book on page 46 there is a picture of a flat car w/ a PC painted 
insulated boxcar behind it. That car is much darker than what I consider to
"Classic" PC green. On page 52 of PRR Vol1 there is a of a ore jenny with a
PC box peaking out from one side and a PC gon on the other. The gon is a dark
green and the boxcar is more the classic color. Whenever Morning Sun brings
out their PC color guide ( supposedly this year) I willing to bet we'll see
evidence of this.

Haven't seen the I-M cars so I can't comment on them.

Doug Trueblood

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