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Re: PC: PC\CR frieght symbols

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anderson wrote:
> > > >
> > > > Uncle EYour right about SLX 1 I was an engr on that jobI was on a test train about 1070 with slave unit in middle of the train.
> > The train was advance FLE 9  SYRA. to Bflo 230car what a night mere.  An
> > I ran those 22,000 ton. coal trains from Astb.ohio to buffalo on conrail
> Paul:
> That's what amazes me about you big-road hogheads.  You guys can wrestle
> those 20,000 ton trains around, while running a 200 to 300 ton tourist
> train on a Michigan shortline was about all I could handle.  How you
> manage it without constantly breaking drawbars I'll never know.  Needless
> to say, you guys are worth every penny they pay you, and then some.
> I've got a recent video that shows one of those heavyweight hopper trains
> being brought up to the main from the Ashtabula docks, although this one
> had two big SD's up front and four of 'em shoving from the rear.  Whether
> they ended up cutting the pushers into mid-train for the rest of the trip
> I can't say.
> The odd thing about the train I originally wondered about (the one I saw
> on Toledo West with the mid-train units) is that is was a regular
> manifest (boxcar) train, and not a coal drag.  The only thing I could
> think of is that they were looking for a way to run longer trains so they
> could combine schedules.  Do you remember PC or Conrail ever trying that
> while you were running?
> Uncle E
> anderson -AT- orion.branch-co.lib.mi.us

The Conrail mother and slave units are C40-8W's 6050-6059. They were 
used for about two weeks on SEEL (Others?) between Selkirk and Elkhart. 
 Two units up front, about 100 cars, the two more units and on the one I 
saw another 124 cars.  Unions did not like the arrangment and it was 
nixed since covering a 224 car train with two crew man was not a safe 
operation and could cause major problems, etc in the event of a break 

Dale A. DeVene Jr.

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