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Re: PC: PC\CR frieght symbols

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> > > Uncle EYour right about SLX 1 I was an engr on that jobI was on a test train about 1070 with slave unit in middle of the train.
> The train was advance FLE 9  SYRA. to Bflo 230car what a night mere.  An
> I ran those 22,000 ton. coal trains from Astb.ohio to buffalo on conrail


That's what amazes me about you big-road hogheads.  You guys can wrestle 
those 20,000 ton trains around, while running a 200 to 300 ton tourist 
train on a Michigan shortline was about all I could handle.  How you 
manage it without constantly breaking drawbars I'll never know.  Needless 
to say, you guys are worth every penny they pay you, and then some.

I've got a recent video that shows one of those heavyweight hopper trains 
being brought up to the main from the Ashtabula docks, although this one 
had two big SD's up front and four of 'em shoving from the rear.  Whether 
they ended up cutting the pushers into mid-train for the rest of the trip 
I can't say.

The odd thing about the train I originally wondered about (the one I saw 
on Toledo West with the mid-train units) is that is was a regular 
manifest (boxcar) train, and not a coal drag.  The only thing I could 
think of is that they were looking for a way to run longer trains so they 
could combine schedules.  Do you remember PC or Conrail ever trying that 
while you were running?  

Uncle E
anderson -AT- orion.branch-co.lib.mi.us

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