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Re: PC: Re: Railfanning CR/LEF&C

In a message dated 97-04-12 05:57:01 EDT, you write:

> On occassion I see a former piece of LEF&C rolling stock running around. 
>  Last summer I saw an ex-LEF hoppers on UP in Columbus, NE of all places. 
>  About two months ago I saw a former LEF&C box car on CSX here in the
>  Detroit area.  There is an LEF&C wood caboose just south of Clarion being
>  used as a chamber of commerce type office, next to the Holiday Inn.

Some of the open hoppers were used by the D&H; I think I have a picture
of one somewhere. I've also seen covered hoppers and boxcars lettered for
LEF&C in the last few months on Guilford. If I find anything I'll make scans

Doug Trueblood

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