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Re: PC: Re: Railfanning CR/LEF&C

Jeff & Laural Feldmeier wrote:
> ----------
> > Geez, I thought I was the only one who knew about the LEF&C.  I lived in
> > Clarion for a few years  and a few summers (mid to late 1970s) in Clarion
> > and actually walked the entire (15-mile) line. Haven't been back in a
> while,
> >  but I guess the while thing is gone now.
> George,  my sister just graduated from Clarion Univ. last summer so I
> visited Clarion quite recently.
> Yes, the entire line, Summerville to Clarion has been removed.  I believe
> there last year of operation was 1993 or so.
> On occassion I see a former piece of LEF&C rolling stock running around.
> Last summer I saw an ex-LEF hoppers on UP in Columbus, NE of all places.
> About two months ago I saw a former LEF&C box car on CSX here in the
> Detroit area.  There is an LEF&C wood caboose just south of Clarion being
> used as a chamber of commerce type office, next to the Holiday Inn.
> During our Dec. visit found that the Clarion Model RR Club is building an
> HO scale layout depicting the LEF&C line.
> Jeff

These former LEF&C cars have also been stomping around on the Wheeling & 
Lake Erie with WE markings in place of the LEF&C intials, otherwise cars 
are still original paint.  I think that the Wisconsin Central has a few 
of these cars as well, but not proof positive on this either.

Dale A. DeVene Jr.
ddevene -AT- udta.com

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