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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com wrote:
> The SD38 hump yard motors are ex-PC if I remember correctly.  I remember
> seeing one at the Buckeye yard in Columbus a coule years back.  The slug it
> was attached to looked like it was an old Alco Century 6 axle.  I don't
> know if they were ex-PC.
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Ladies & Gents,

To my knowledge all of the slugs came from either RS-11's, RSD-15's and 
a few Alco Century class locos.  All may not be ex-PC, but the majority 
of them were PC.  Also note that many of the slugs now have EMD trucks 
in place of their Alco trucks.  Many of the MT-4's on Conrail have been 
sold off and there may only be one or two roaming around, if any at all 
on the system.

All of the Conrail SD-40's are gone from the roster being sold off to 
EMD.  I think the GP-40's have also bitten the proverbial dust, but 
can't confirm that.

Dale A. DeVene Jr.
ddevene -AT- udata.com

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