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PC: re: The NYC/PC Symbol Saga

In follow-up to the discussion on train symbols . . . . I've been
forwarding the messages to my friend, Doug Leffler of Jackson, MI, who is
not on the list. This was his reply:

>To: Jeffrey Dobek
>From: DLEFFLE @ trinova.com @ Internet
>Date: 04/11/97 12:32:46 PM
>Subject: The NYC/PC Symbol Saga
>The discussions on NYC/PC symbols are interesting, to say the least.
>I believe there was, at least, SOME logic to some of those symbols...at
>least on the Michigan Central.  CD-4 was "Chicago-Detroit"...DC- 1 was
>Detroit-Chicago.  BF-7 was actually a train that originated on the Big
>Four (Columbus, I believe)...hence, B_ig F_our-7.  By the way, BF-7 came
>into Jackson Yard.  Jackson was the last stop.  The reverse move towards
>Columbus was symbol JT-1, which left Jackson at night.  The letters were
>for Jackson-Toledo.  Even though this train was a eastward move, it
>should have been "JT-2," but instead carried the odd number 1.  I always
>wondered why.  However, since it was also considered a "southbound", the
>odd number was kind of logical.  The other symbol that we talked about
>the other day was BM-7.  BM meant "Boston and Maine" (R.R. ...not the
>town and state).  This train originated on the B&M R.R.  Along with the
>LS series trains (which I don't know what LS stands for) were the NC
>series.  These were N_ew York to C_hicago trains.  In general, the
>symbols were related to geographic or divisional/connecting railroad
>locations...but not necessarily beginning point and end point, as are
>today's Conrail symbols.
>Just my two cents worth here....

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