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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

Edward Bulman wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Apr 1997 LAKINSA -AT- AXP.CALUMET.PURDUE.EDU wrote:
> > On Wednesday 4/9 I saw TV-11 @ Porter IN. The lead unit was a C40-8W and the
> > second was SD50 #6763. The 6763 had CSXT painted on the battery box doors.
> > What a bummer.
> Yow! They didn't waste any time, did they? By comparison, the first CR
> stencil I ever saw was in Sept 76.

I asked John Krattinger about this, and he said it was probably a joke.
The government hasn't approved the carve-up yet, and it is uncertain
who will what locomotives, so I wouldn't fret yet. :-)

Still, my basic premise right now is to shoot anything blue that

BTW, I realized today that if NS gets the GP38s and GP38-2s, they'll
be going back to black paint, like they were delivered from the 
factory.... :-)


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