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PC: Re: PC freight symbols

Locals heading out of Boston used to have BX- designations. BX-13 used to
run from the A street yard to the old Baker's Chocolate factory in Lower
Mills (Dorchester). It was a beer distribution firm from the very late
'60s thru the PC era. BX-19 (I think) was the Braintree local' which
connected with the Fore River RR (which served the shipyard and the
Procter & Gamble plant). The P&G plant used to get a lot of tank cars with
"Inedible Animal Fat - Not For Human Consumption" stenciled on the sides
and ends. If anyone has info on these cars, please let me know; I'd like
to put together 6-8 HO specimens.

If I am mistaken on the BX- designations, please correct me.


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