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PC: PC Covered Hopper Info

Would you believe, missed it by *that* much................

The PC covered hopper that was moving back and forth between Quincy and
Braintree was CR # 889361, a class H54. Most of the brown-red paint had
worn off the side I was looking at, so the "Penn Central" on the side was
clearly visible, but not the PC. Even the "relined 9-21-71" stencil showed
through at the bottom. 

I got up there a little earlier than usual this morning for pix, but by
6:15 AM it was long gone. CR or whoever runs that line now (wasn't Railtex
supposed to take over some operations?) must have had a night freight come
thru (very rare). BTW, as it turned out, it wouldn't have mattered if it
was there, the camera battery was dead. Fortunately, this wasn't the case
when I saw the PC gondola last Saturday.

Was this originally a new PC car, or an ex-PRR/NYC car? Does anyone have
buiild dates/dimensional data/original #, or other info on this class of
freight cars?

Grateful for any info!


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