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PC: The PC Covered Hopper Saga Continues...............

The elusive covered hopper has returned to Braintree! I will try to get a
picture of it by tomorrow night, or at least the number if it is still
there this evening. I hope that I can head home, grab the camera and
head up there before I lose too much daylight or have to explain myself 
to my wife. The gondola has departed.

Odd item noticed at the Braintree yard. In the old PC days and early CR
days, the run to Middleboro and parts beyond left around 6 PM on
weeknights. For at least the past ten years, traffic has been so
infrequent there as to only merit a CR local only two days a week or so,
usually appearing by 2pm and departing by 5:30pm. 

On Tuesday morning, there were two CR engines (1935 and 2023), which
were apparently left there overnight. I saw the crew getting aboard at 6PM
that evening. Kind of harkened back to the old PC days, but without the
3-5 U25/30/33B unit lashup, and with a 10 car rather than 40-50 car train.

I apologise for the CR content.............


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