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PC: ADMIN: List configuration change

Hey guys (and girls),

I have made a minor change in the configuration of the listserver for
the PC list. Previously, if you replied to a message from the list, the
reply went to the sender. I have changed it (I think) to reply to the
entire list instead. When I get this message, I'll find out if it 
worked or not. If not, I'll let you know, and then I'll have to do
some testing later to correct it.

PLEASE NOTE THIS! I've seen embarassing cases where people think they've
replied to someone privately, only to have it sent to the entire mailing
list. This change will be effective immediately.

BTW, thanx for the record day we had today. I never thought that this
list would generate *that* much traffic! I'm glad to see that everyone
is using the list and that it is of use to everyone. 

G'night everyone,

Jerry W. Jordak     <><       The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
mailto:jer@smellycat.com      That was yesterday
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   Now those big trains don't come anymore
*** So long, Conrail ***         -- Restless Heart, "Big Iron Horses"

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