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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

In a message dated 97-04-09 13:18:30 EDT, you write:

> Have I missed something? Has CR been sold? Strangely enough, if it has I
>  don't think it will engender the relentless photography of their equipment
>  that I undertook in 1976-77 when the PC started to disappear.

I suppose not, at least from where I sit. The Boston line is relentlessly the
same; seen one C30-7A, seen them all :^). I suppose that I've taken enough
stuff to cover those bases ( they seem to hide the SD80MAC's when I venture
forth anyway). If they were going to a new paint scheme I suppose it would
be different, but they probably won't now. In '76 I was new to railfanning
probably didn't take enough pictures then and didn't have a backlog to cover
me. Now it's different and I've got plenty of Conrail shots  and it's hard to
the difference w/o looking at the dates on the slides....

Bring hither the CSX units!

Doug Trueblood

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