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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

Mike Bezilla writes:

 > Well, the PRR did not use the term "Brunswick." This I am quite certain of.

No, I think this term came into usage to differentiate between the almost
black green and the less black color called Hunter Green.  

 > I always thought that it had something to do with white PC markings vs.
 > yellow for PRR. White might make the green background appear black--sort of
 > an optical illusion.

This is possible, but the green hue of the PRR paint should still be
apparent up close.

 > This is only a guess, but I would think many units that came from the
 > Junita shop after repair/rebuilding were green. But how about the new power
 > delivered from the builders? Green or black or both? And why did PC change
 > from green to black? I doubt that there was much cost difference.

Stuff shopped in ex-NYC plants may have received old NYC black paint.  It's
only a guess... I wasn't there. :^)  As for price difference, there may
have been some motivation.  Custom mixing a color can add cost to a paint.
The management may have decided that even an extra .50 per gallon to make a
"green" paint that looked Black to all but the most careful observer was

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