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Re: PC: Pennford Tower Train Symbols

In a message dated 97-04-09 01:55:42 EDT, you write:

> TV-25...It probably became TV-25D, a Toledo (Stanley) to Detroit 
>  (Livernois) van train.

Typically Conrail ( and my assumption is they followed the PC format)
uses appended Alpha's to denote connecting trains to the main TV job
or disconnecting trains as the case maybe. For example, TV10B runs
from Selkirk to Boston; the train cars are set off TV10 in Selkirk on it's
way to the River Line and wherever the hell it terminates ( Kearny?).

If someone ( everyone?) could re-send me the original posting, I found a
of early CR unit trains and probably can match some of those up. My evil
twin brother "Numbnutz" deleted it :^).....


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