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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

Mike Bezilla writes:

 > Again? Remember, PC engines carried the same "dark greeen locomotive
 > finish" as the PRR locomotives. I know, I know, it was extremely difficult
 > if not impossible to tell green from black, but just for the record, they
 > were green. The water level route's stuff was black.

Here's an interesting topic to debate.  I am aware of the difference
between Brunswick Green and "Real Black". It has always been my
understanding that PC *specified* the PRR Brunswick Green finish, but in
reality the paint used was really black.  

I remember seeing PC locomotives side by side with PRR locomotive in the
1970-75 time frame and seeing that the PC locomotives did not have the
green hue present in the PRR paint.

Were some PC locos painted Brunswick Green? Yes.  Many were painted black
as well.

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