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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

> >Well, at least there will be black locomotive running over the Middle
> >Division once again.
> Again? Remember, PC engines carried the same "dark greeen locomotive
> finish" as the PRR locomotives. I know, I know, it was extremely difficult
> if not impossible to tell green from black, but just for the record, they
> were green. The water level route's stuff was black.

Actually, PC engines were painted in Pantone 13D black. I've seen pictures of
PRR and PC engines together, and the difference is quite noticeable in good

Personally, I think NS should use some of the blue paint they're buying from
CR on their own power, but I doubt that will happen. Too many Conrail Quality
logos to paint out. :-( Still, if NS would jazz up their paint scheme some,
it would look better. Maybe they could go for a "red N"... :-)


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