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PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

Well, at least there will be black locomotive running over the Middle
Division once again.  April seems to be a very bad month for northeast

This whole ordeal will make my trip back to "Conrail" territory a bit
different this year.  I've moved my usual time frame from summer to
mid-spring in hopes of catching the last days of Conrail.  I guess I wasn't
soon enough, so I'll have to settle for the "transition" era. :^)

This complicates matters even one step further.  I was about to send
letters to Conrail asking if I could get permission and releases to take
photographs in a few locations normally off limits to fans.  Now I guess
I'll have to send letters to Conrail, CSX and NS.  Does anyone have any
speculation if the CSX or NS management is more railfan friendly?

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