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Re: PC: Railfanning the last days of Conrail

>Here's an interesting topic to debate.

Yes, I agree. Let's hope others will join in and help us get some
definitive answers.

>  I am aware of the difference
>between Brunswick Green and "Real Black". It has always been my
>understanding that PC *specified* the PRR Brunswick Green finish, but in
>reality the paint used was really black.

Well, the PRR did not use the term "Brunswick." This I am quite certain of.

>I remember seeing PC locomotives side by side with PRR locomotive in the
>1970-75 time frame and seeing that the PC locomotives did not have the
>green hue present in the PRR paint.

I always thought that it had something to do with white PC markings vs.
yellow for PRR. White might make the green background appear black--sort of
an optical illusion.

>Were some PC locos painted Brunswick Green? Yes.  Many were painted black
>as well.

This is only a guess, but I would think many units that came from the
Junita shop after repair/rebuilding were green. But how about the new power
delivered from the builders? Green or black or both? And why did PC change
from green to black? I doubt that there was much cost difference.


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