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PC: Pennford Tower Train Symbols


I checked some old employee timetables, hoping to come up with a few 
answers about those train symbols you found.  It isn't much, but here's 
what I've got:

TV-25...It probably became TV-25D, a Toledo (Stanley) to Detroit 
(Livernois) van train.

BM-7...a 1967 NYC Western District ETT shows BM-5 as a symbol for a train 
out of Boston & Maine's Mechanicville yard to DeWitt Yard in Syracuse, 
NY.  BM-7 could have been a Mechanicville-Detroit train via Suspension 

DSL...My 1969 PC Northern Region ETT shows DSL running from Detroit to 
Toledo.  My first guess is that it went on to St. Louis (via Ridgeway), 
but that would be too easy...

I have to assume that the MC symbols (MC-2/MC-8) between Toledo and 
Detroit came out of the old Air Line Yard in Toledo (probably true for 
many trains that came out of Toledo headed for destinations on the old 
Michigan Central, such as Jackson, with the possible exception of 
TJ-12...that one smells like a Stanley train).  

Trains like CR-4 from Elkhart most likely terminated at West Detroit 
(Junction Yard)...as a brief aside, CR-4 would have run up the old 
Elkhart Branch to Jackson, which is all gone east of Three Rivers (it 
was ripped up in 1983...bummer). 

You can probably assume that Cleveland trains orginated/terminated at 
Collinwood Yard, and Pittsburg trains at Conway.

Somebody with more whiskers will probably come along and say I've got 'em 
all wrong, but for now, those are my hunches.

Eric Anderson
a.k.a. "Uncle E"
andersoncn -AT- orion.branch-co.lib.mi.us

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