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PC: Penford Tower Train Symbols


I am studying past train operations on what is now Conrail's Lincoln
Industrial Track (ex-PRR) which runs from the Detroit area southwest to
almost Carleton, MI.  When Penford Tower (at the GTW/DT&I's Flat Rock to
Dearborn line crossing) was demolished in the mid-1980's, I recovered
several train movement sheets, Form 19's, etc. (yes, I literally sifted
through the rubble).  Most of the recovered paperwork is from early CR days
(1977-79 period).  Although these were CR trains, the train symbols are
probably carryover Penn Central symbols, this being before CR adopted the
four alpha train symbol practice (for example, TODJ).  Can anyone help fill
in the holes associated with the following train symbols?


BD-3/Cleveland (what yard?)/Detroit (which yard?).
BF-7/Detroit (what yard?)/Cincinnati (what yard?).
CHR-4:  may be an error--could just be CR-4.
CR-4/Elkhart/Detroit (what yard?).
DE-7/Pittsburgh (what yard?)/Detroit (what yard?).
MC-2/Toledo (what yard?)/Detroit (what yard?).
MC-8/Toledo (what yard?)/Detroit (what yard?).
ML-9/?/Detroit (what yard?)/train originated in Little Ferry/North
Bergen/Weehawken area.  Could this be multilevels from North Bergen?
NBDN/North Bergen/Detroit-North Yard.
PC-1/Dickerson Run/Elkhart.
ST-12/Toledo (what yard?)/Detroit (what yard?).
TJ-2/Toledo (what yard?)/Jackson.
TODJ/Toledo (Stanley)/Detroit-Junction Yard.
TODN/Toledo (Stanley)/Detroit-North Yard.
UDO-xx/?/Midland, MI/Dow Chemical unit coal train.
UGD-xx/?/Detroit, MI/Great Lakes Steel unit coal train.
ULT-xx/?/Trenton, MI/Detroit Edison unit coal train.
UPE-xx/?/Essexville, MI/Consumers Power unit coal train.

Thanks for your attention.

Jeff Feldmeier
Allen Park, MI

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