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PC: Was PC Covered Hopper, now PC Gondola!

Good news & somewhat good news!

First the somewhat good news. The PC covered hopper I saw (has vertical
ribs) was gone from the yard in Braintree, but I tracked it down to the
old shipyard in Quincy. The down side is that the car is blocked from view
by a string of the sludge pellet cars. I will swing by there once a week
or so to see if I can get a shot of it.

Would you believe that in 1997 that another PC painted car would appear in
this lightly used yard? I took about 8 pictures of #598030, a G44A 50'
gondola. It is somewhat grimy, but it is in PC paint, not a CR paint-over.
It still has the ACI plate on it. Were I more courageous...............

Strange that I should have such a score here, but in 1992 or 1993, about
18 PC 50' boxes were stored here (sorry no pix; didn't realize how rare a 
scene it was at the time). 


Glad to finally have something useful to contribute to this list!

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