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PC: 21 years ago...

Twenty-one years ago today, Penn Central vanished into history as
a railroad. It's also the 21st birthday of Conrail, and very
likely will be its last...

Also, I hope (notice, I say *hope*) to have an update to the PC
pages by the end of the week. Things have gotten really crazy
lately, so if you've sent me materials and haven't heard from me,
or haven't seen your material on the web page yet, I'm sorry. I
*will* get to it eventually.... :-)   That's all, for now.


Jerry W. Jordak    <><        The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
mailto:jer@smellycat.com      That was yesterday
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   Now those big trains don't come anymore
*** So long, Conrail ***         -- Restless Heart, "Big Iron Horses"

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