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PC: More PC Caboose trivia

Note: for whatever reason I never sent this when I wrote it back in February;
no idea why. Anyway here it is...


just to tie up a few loose ends.....

the proto2000 NE caboose has the 2 square end windows, whereas
the LV (and the PC ones they bought from LV) had two round porthole
end windows. A very nice model however, but not based on a LV car
( I believe they used a ex Reading car as their prototype).

Photo's of PC cabooses.....

The Aug '82 Railroad Model Craftsman has a picture of PC 18404.

The book Cabins, Crummies and Hacks, Vol I North and East 
( John Henderson, H&M Productions ISBN 0-9629037-1-X) has a
large selection of PC cars in it.

N5 ( Bowser) 19064, 19269, 22990.
N5C ( Bowser) 23010, 23136, 22990.
N8     23321
N5G ( Proto 2000, Eastern Car works) 18422
NE6 19825
N8A 23633
N7C ( Walthers ICC B-W stand in)21499
N7A 21757
N7B 21031
N9 18261
N11E  18529


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