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Re: PC: PC - painted FA2s

			Chris Osterhus
			ost6865 -AT- stewart.waynesburg.edu
	TRAINS ran a photo of a PC FA2 back in their January 1973 issue.  
I quote " When New York Central FA2 1102 was shopped at Collinwood, O., 
on March 8,1967...who would have guessed she would become Penn Central's 
last Alco cab?  But such she came last fall when the remaining ex-New 
Haven FA's were traded in to GE; and on September 17, 1972, 1102 since 
renumbered [to] 1302 sat in the Altoona dead line..."  and later in the 
issue, " Long Island has added another chapter to TRAINS' pictoral eulogy 
for Penn Central's last FA...by converting No. 1302 into push-pull power 
car 600..."

	TRAINS also said in a later issue that PC had many repainted F units,
but only a handful of ALCO cab units were fully painted for the Penn Central.

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