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PC: PC - painted FA2s

Greetings! I'm new to this mailing list, but I've been a PC fan ever 
since there was a PC.

I'm looking for some info on PC's FA2 units. I have the Penn Central 
Power book. It shows pictures of FA1s painted for PC, but all of the 
FA2s shown are painted NYC. The roster shows the numbers (both 1000 
series and 1300 series renumbering), but it doesn't say which units 
made it into full PC paint. The only hint is that the 1350 was 
painted in the red 'P' scheme. Anyone know which FA2s other were in 
full PC paint? I've got a couple of Proto 2000 FA2s (dummies, swapped 
chassis with FB2s) just crying out to be lettered for PC! They'll go 
nicely with my A-B-A set of NYC 'cigar band' units.

(Other PC units I have - AHM dummy E8, Spectrum GP30, Cox (Athearn) 
GP35, Atlas U33Cs and a kitbashed EP-5. AHM GG-1 and Bowser TM 
waiting to be painted!)

Thanks for any assistance,
Peter King in NY 

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