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PC: Division Maps book

Penn Central fans,

I wanted to pass on a piece of info about a book that I bought. This
book is a reproduction of a book of Penn Central Division Maps. These
are maps similar to the maps I have on the Penn Central RR Home Page,
but they are all bound in a 25-page book. The book is marked "Office
of the Chief Engineer; Philadelphia, PA; April 1973."

Anyway, you can reach the dealer at this address:

Lawrence D. Hensley
809 Rockdale Court
Taylor Mill, KY  41015

The book costs $8. I've only met the guy once, at last year's Summerail
convention in Cincinnati, and so I have connection with him, but I 
thought I would pass this info along if someone would like get a 
copy of this book. Eventually, I may scan some of the maps out of it 
to plug the holes in the other maps I have posted, but as a reference
book, it is excellent, for it shows every operating piece of PC 
trackage as of 4/73.

BTW, anyone else going to Summerail 97? If you're anywhere close to
Cincinnati, Ohio, it would be well worth your effort. I went last
year and had a great time, and I will be there this year. (Hopefully
the city will be dried out and back in order by August.) For more
Summerail info, see http://www.railcenter.com/summerail/ Get your
tickets early, though. My order went out today....

Lastly, we're up to 84 subscribers on the PC list. This is REALLY 
cool... :-)


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