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Re: PC: NYC Historical Soc Meeting

Jim Hebner wrote:
> If any one is interested the New York Central System Historical Society
> is holding its annual meeting and swap meet Mar 8 1997 in Cleveland. I
> do not have the details with me but could provide them to interested
> parties.

>From what I know, the meeting is at the Harley Hotel at the I-90/Ohio 91
interchange, out near Willoughby Hills, or Willowick, or whatever 
W-suburb that is. :-)  The swap meet starts at 9:00 AM, and you do not
have to be an NYCHS member to go to the swap meet. (Do have to pay $3
though). Might be some stuff with worms there, so if it's not sunny
on Saturday, I'll probably go to it.....


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