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Re: PC: RS-3 PRR #8479

Zeolla wrote:
> Does anyone have any information regarding an RS-3 that I've
> discovered(?) alongside current Conrail tracks near Conshohocken, PA
> just outside the Philadelphia Enquirer's plant along the Schuylkil.
> Why was it never repainted (or scrapped) by the Penn-Central and/or
> Conrail?  It still has it's Pennsy road name!
> Who does it belong to?  Why is it there?

According to the info I have, PRR 8479 (a 1952-built RS-3) was
renumbered PC 5579 and later became Conrail 5579. This is according
to Penn Central Power, a series of roster articles in Railroad magazine,
Conrail Motive Power Review Volume 1, and Conrail Central Region TT
No. 1, 10/1/76, which lists all renumbered CR units and their 
predecessor numbers. The 5579 is even on a line by itself in the TT.

So why you've found a PRR RS-3 is beyond me. What kind of condition
is it in? Is it in rough shape, like it's in original paint, maybe
with some paint over its former lettering that faded off, or does it
look like it was restored to its original appearance? Any pictures
you could email me, that I could put on the PC Pages for all to see?
Inquiring minds want to know! :-)


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