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Re: PC: PC SD40 numbers

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> 1. Does anyone know the number series' assigned to PC SD40, SD40-2, and
> SD45's in 1973? Also, did they receive Terminal names painted on the cab
> sides below the numbers, if so, what were they?

SD40  6040-6104 (former PRR with same number, 6100/6101 were control & slave)
      6240-6274 (New 12/70-12/71)
SD45  6105-6234 (former PRR with same number)
      6235-6239 (New 8/68)

Source:  Penn Central Power, Robert J. Yanosey, Morning Sun Boocks, Inc., 
edison, NJ, 1987.

Most 1973 pictures seem to have text under the number, but is seems to short 
for most terminal names (they can't all have been at Enola).  I can't make it 
out for sure, but it looks like it says SD40 or SD45.

If you need specific number that were known to exists in 1973, I can pick out 
pictures, but I expect most survived until Conrail.

No mention of SD40-2.  -2 stated coming out in May 1972, but I only see 
GP38-2's on the roster.

> 2. Were specific cabooses assigned to the Canada Division? My train
> sheet collection gives no hints from 1973-76. My hunch is that they were
> pooled.
> Adrian Telizyn
> klawson -AT- pris.bc.ca


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