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PC Freight sightings

I work on the road for UP out of Proviso to Clinton,IA and see PC equipment, 
usually gondolas all the time. Trains PRCL and CLPR consistently carry these 
cars to Sterling,IL. Their destination is Northwestern Steel and Wire. The UP 
has a small yard there, and a switcher goes on duty daily at 0800 to switch 
out the scrap and finished products. PC gons in the 598000 series are very 
common, all have had no CR markings. Altough these are usually pretty well 
beat up and rusty,the logos are visible.Some of the cars even carry the pink 
"C".Some have the large worm and others have the small logo.I have seen a PRR 
gon with the keystone  and PRR reporting marks as well. CLPR goes to work 
around 1300 out of Clinton,IA and is all gons,usually making daylight 
appearences over most of the road to Proviso,while PRCL is ordered at 1930 at 
Proviso,with all the scrap cars.  Also I still haven't received any 
conformation on being added to the mailing list. rockisland1 -AT- msn.com  Thank 
you,Jim Bradley

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