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     where I grew up (as a kid) in Fairfield County Connecticut(on the ex
     New Haven line), the trucks were usually painted yellow and had blue
     or green lettering..(I can not quite rememeber). The "worm" and penn
     central were usually the same color. I do remember thatg the ones that
     I did see(not many high rail trucks..just standard road trucks) were
     pretty much in the same condition as their rolling stock.. :(

     ...On the rolling stock subject, I always got a kick out of riding my
     bike to the train station and watching  the mu's go by. at that time
     we had the old Pullman Standard 4400's(silver liners). These were the
     units that the current M2's(Metro North) replaced. The 4400's had
     dirty windows but great flip over seats. It was interesting to note
     that the the NH logo was still around on these units by 1973-74.(my
     dates may be a bit off). Subsequently, the "worm" was still on the
     4400's for a while after Conrail took over the commuter lines in

     Anyone else have any memmories/thoughts on the Penn Central operations
     in the New England region? I would like to hear more...


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Date:    2/5/97 8:10 PM

               Chris Osterhus
               ost6865 -AT- stewart.waynesburg.edu

Anyone out there remember what the Penn Central's maintenance trucks
looked like?

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