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PC: Re: your mail

I looked up a couple of pictures that I have. One is of a '74-'75 Chevy
pickup, painted PC green, with a short pickup bed with rear wheel fenders
(not smoothside). It appears to have had white bumpers, a white square on
the door with a green PC and Penn Central printed out underneath it. The
vehicle number was on the upper rear side of the fender, just forward of
the rear view mirror.

Another was of a green '70-72 Ford crane/boom truck with what appears to
be a short dump bed behind the crane boom. The grille and bumper was
white, and the letering scheme was the same as above.

Both shots were taken at the old Braintree MA yard in January 1978.

I recall seeing a yellow truck, which looked like a bread delivery van
with a pickup style back instead of a van body, at Walpole MA in October
1976. I believe it had black lettering. 

That's pretty much all I recall.


On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, Christopher Osterhus wrote:

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> 			Chris Osterhus
> 			ost6865 -AT- stewart.waynesburg.edu
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> Anyone out there remember what the Penn Central's maintenance trucks 
> looked like?

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