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Re: PC: HO PC Caboose Availability?

In a message dated 97-01-31 15:43:07 EST, you write:

> Did any NH cabooses make it to Penn Central?  I'm not well versed enough
>  in this area to comment.  There are several models that are close to the
>  NE5 that would make suitable ex-NH caboose models.

New Haven cars that made it to PC were either NE5's, built by Pullman
Standard ( in nearby Worcester MA) or NE6's, which were built by Inter-
national Car. PC grouped all these cars in their NE6 class and also in their
N8A and N8B classes. Cars in the NE6 and N8A classes had their
cupolas blanked and bay windows applied; N8B's and NE6's in the 19000
class were spared this modification. Overland has done these cars in
brass about 10 years ago, both with and without baywindows ( I have a
bay window version).

The Proto2000 caboose or the Eastern Car Works car would be good
for the ex  Lehigh Valley cabs that PC bought in the late 60's ( I think
these may have been classed N5G, but i'll have to check some more).
Numbers were 18401-18405, 18417-18426. The Eastern kit allows for
getting the exact ends and other details for LV's; the P2K model
may or may not have been from the exact same prototype, I don't
remember right off hand ( these style cabooses were built by a number
of different rr's and had various minor detail differences, notably the end
window arrangements). These cabs were used in yard and local service.
Thye August 1982 Railroad Model Craftsman had an article on LV NE
style cabooses that would probably be helpful.

The new caboose from walthers is based on a International design and
are similar to either N7C cars built for the Peoria and Eastern in 1966
and/or the N12 class cars built for PC in 1970-71. The kit is closer to
the P&E cars, except for the style of windows. The N12's had the same
style flush mount windows, but in a different location(s). The kit includes
a NYC style baywindow ( short and funky) that they apparently styled
from the P&E car. N7C's were numbered 21496-21499 and N12's were
numbered 24500-24549. The style of roof on the kit probably doesn't
match either PC car but for the interpid a Athearn bay window cab roof
could be installed ( not by this cowboy <g>). The N12's also had the
cupola mounted closer to the roof than the kit, which is doable.

PC also bought some ex Santa Fe cabooses like the Athearn kit. They
cut down the cupola to remove the windows and added baywindows
to the sides ( NYC style). I've built one of these using a spare bay
from the Walthers kits and it doesn't look half bad. Walt Gosh has a
picture of one of these guys at http://home.ptd.net/~waltgosh. Wierd
but definitely cool. Class was N5K and numbers were 18430-18442.

RMC had an article on kitbashing the N9E transfer caboose in their
June 1974 issue. A N6A, N9 and N9E could be done from this article
( you'd need some detail on the various handrail setups probably); a 
N11 has the same enclosure on a shorter frame ( N6/9's were built
on 40' boxcar frames; N11's were built on 32' frame but with the same
basic enclosure). N6A's were18006-18194, N9's were 18195-18354,
N9e's were 18355-18394. I don't have the N11 numbers at hand but PC
built 70 circa 69/70.

PC also bought some ex Southern b-w cabs; in the October 84 Model
Railroader there was an article on southernizing the Athearn B-W
caboose which would be helpful in modeling these. I'd swap one of the
B-W's from the Walthers kit for the Athearn ( BTW the Walthers kit
has separate B-W castings and they include three styles in the kit,
so one gets two extras in each kit).

For those inclined to caboose bash, the May 88 ModelRailroader has
an article on bashing C&NW buggies that has some helpful tips for
changing sides using overlays that is interesting btw....

Hope this is helpful,

Doug Trueblood

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