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PC: HO PC Caboose Availability?

Edward Bulman writes:
 > I know that the Bowser N5 and N5C kits can be used for PC cabooses, but
 > are there any others available?

Gloor Craft at one time had N8 and N5c cabin cars in the form of brass
kits.  I have one of each.  You can sometimes find these at swap meets
for $20 or so.  I don't know if they are still in production. They are
very nice kits, but not of the "shake the box" variety.

I think Tycho at one time made something that looked very close to an
N8.  It was certainly Pennsy, but the dimensions were probably off a
bit.  With suitable kitbashing skills, I think the Tycho cabin could be
mangled into something presentable. 

The Athearn bay window caboose can be modified to yield a suitable
ex-NYC caboose.

Did any NH cabooses make it to Penn Central?  I'm not well versed enough
in this area to comment.  There are several models that are close to the
NE5 that would make suitable ex-NH caboose models.

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