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Re: PC: hotbox detectors

In a message dated 97-01-28 22:03:34 EST, you write:

<< I didn't think that talking detectors came into vogue until the 1980's.
 Before that, they used to have trackside signals, or trackside 
 indicators with lights that gave the axle number, side of train,
 and type of problem. 
 I just checked my 1980 Conrail timetable, and it makes mention of 
 detectors with trackside signals or indicators, but no talking
 detectors. So I would guess that PC never had any talking detectors. >>

I remember that on the board on Pennroad Tower in Shippensburg that the
hotbox detector and the DED (dragging equipment  detector) had an indicator
light on the board that would light if activiated.  I think it had a warning
bell too.  Then the operator could radio the train if there was a problem.


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