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Re: PC: Hats and shirts with worms

 > That's right....I forgot about them. I think they're who I bought your
 > D&H shirt from in exchange for those GP35 shells. You still have that
 > shirt?

Yes, that's the place. I posted the info to the group this morning.

 > Was that one of the Spectrum GP30's? If so, how does it run? I'm curious,
 > because I just ordered a pair of them today. :-)  I splurged, and got

The drive system is an old Front Range GP9.  The shell is either a new
Bachman or old Lionel part.  I can't remember where it came from.
It has the correct hood width, so it certainly isn't the old Athearn
GP30 shell.

 > two Spectrum GP30s (PRR), two Proto 2000 SW9s (one NYC and one undec,
 > they were sold out of PRR, so the undec one will get worms), and a
 > four-pack of the Proto 2000 52' mill gons (NYC). I already have one of

Yow!  The job must be paying well. :^)

The E44 project is in high gear.  Sunday night, I completed the last of
the brass sideframes, 8 total.  Two weeks ago, I bought a pair of
overland B32-8 drives for the motors and drive train.  I'll be bringing
the underframes and brass sideframes back for a bit of a rebate.  

Last night, I started laying out the new E44 underframes.  I've decided
to build three units... Two will be brass, the third will be a plastic
dummy unit.  I now have three basic underfrmaes set up.  They look cool.

The next step will be to assemble the sideframes around the drive units
so I can design a bolster.  This part is tricky, since the trucks are
sprung.  I need to get the bolster height correct so the underframe will
be the right height.

 > good today on misc.transport.rail.americas: Someone referred to one
 > of the new BNSF Dash 9's in the GN-like scheme as a "goat boat." :-)

I actually like that paint scheme.  It's better than the green and beige
paint BN was experimenting with.  Out here, they are referred to as
"Pumpkins" or OGREs.  (OGRE = Orange and Green Railroad Engine)

 > > [Action Under the Wires]
 > Nobody has sent me a review yet for it, so if you'd like to write up
 > one, I'll post it.

OK, I'll send you a copy of the review when I get it finished.  BTW,
when I was at Caboose Hobbies picking up the drive units, I ordered a
copy of Green Frog's "Penn Central".  I'll let you know how that one is



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