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Re: PC: Need Photos/Info: Eastern MA


I'm afraid I don't have any photos or information on PC's Eastern
Massachusetts operations, other than the book by Dale Karr, something like
"Rail Lines of Southern New England."  This book has historical data on
every inch of rail laid in MA, CT, & RI since the beginning of time, up
through the Penn Central years (I don't remember reading about Conrail
stuff, but it may be there).  It even has a picture of a PC E unit on the
cover.  Other pictures inside include PC GG1's.

I usually don't like to spend money on books (because I can't run them
around my track), but this one is definitely worth while.  It contains
route maps with all interchanges.  It also covers the evolution and take
over of the New Haven, including the Cape Cod (Old Colony) branch.

I live on Cape Cod and I'm very interested in PC operations in
Massachusetts.  I'm modeling the PC from Springfield, to Palmer, to Boston,
to Hyannis.  Right now I'm concentrating on my Western Massachusetts
portions, which have a very strong Boston & Maine theme and some Central
Vermont as well.  The cape region will be that last part I build.

I'd be happy to share any further information that I find and would be
interested in any that you find.
Are you going to the Springfield show?  I'll be there Sat. Feb. 1.  I'll be
stopping by Peter Terwilliger's Springfield Terminal exhibit, and I'll be
meeting some NECR folks there too.


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I am looking for anyone with photos or information regarding PC's eastern
Massachusetts operations. I would be especially interested in the
Neponset, Braintree, Franklin, and Cape Cod branches.

Thanks in advance.



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