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PC: Hats and shirts with worms

Anyone know of any companies producing Penn Central hats or shirts?
I'd like to a) get some more PC-wear for railfanning, and b) post this
information on the PC web pages for anyone else looking for the same.
(What I'd really like is a black PC hat with an all-white or a red-
and-white worms emblem.)

Speaking of the PC web pages, I haven't had a chance to update them
this week, but I hope to this weekend, maybe during the Super Bowl,
if it's a real sleeper. :-) So if you've sent me material and haven't
seen it posted, don't worry, I'll get it out there.


Jerry W. Jordak               The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
mailto:jer@smellycat.com      That was yesterday
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   Now those big trains don't come anymore
** Let Conrail be Conrail **         -- Restless Heart, "Big Iron Horses"

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