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PC: PC for sale

If you are a PC railroadiana collector, or a modeler, you may be interested
in some "doubles" I'm currently thinning out of my collection. I am a
railroadiana collector myself. I'm currently looking for PC flags, police &
fire dept. items, Metroliner china & a PC iced tea spoon (I've been told
they exist). If you have anything of interest, send an email to
Gary -AT- mssinc.com. Thanks! Here's my offering:

1. "Potluck PC". $16
	This is a mixed bag of various PC items. Included:
	A). Headrest made of heavy paper with a cardboard header strip that reads
"Thanks for riding Penn Central (worms logo) Have a Pleasant Trip". A
duplicate header strip also included.
	B) "East-West" system public timetable from 1969-1971.
	C) Train & loco employees Safety Rules book & 2nd (different)  "East-West"
PTT, or a first-aid packet (has a tear in the back of plastic wrapper,
which is not visible from the front, & is complete except for safety pins).
	D) 3 Different Large brown or white mailing envelopes , or 2 large & 1
	E) Small bar of Amtrak soap.
	F) PC metal boxcar seal.
	G) 2 sheets PC letterhead w/ name & logo.
	H) "Penn Central-Route of the Metroliners" approx. 12-16 oz. wax paper
	I) MW1 Track construction manual (this is a photocopy of the original.
Photocopy was made by the RR, as an employee's name is written on it).  or
1964 pre-merger employee protection agreement for major unions (approx. 20
	J) 3 other non-PC small items (buttons,swizzle sticks, etc...).Thrown in
free to help compensate for postage cost.
Lot includes at least 11 different items, (not including "J"). Total number
of items: 16-17.
Have 2 lots of "Potluck PC".

2. Conrail Through Freight Schedules Dec.1,1990. Complete, but loose pages,
has holes for mounting in a small notebook. $4

3. H.O. scale Train Miniature of Ill. black 36' 2 bay PC coal hoppers.
These are new-never out of box & are no longer made. Have 2- $7 each or
both for $12.

4. Repro. PC metal keychain. Silver, with green/white enamel PC name/logo.
Some enamel loss around edges from use. Rectangular shape. $2

5. Repro. PC logo belt buckle. Mating worms have a bronze-type finish.
Finish is worn around edges & there is a small scratch in finish near
middle, which detracts slightly. $5

Please add $3.50 to all orders for shipping. Please email your order,
ordering by number. Don't send any payment until I email an order
confirmation. Once confirmed, please snail mail your remittance to:Gary
Farmer 12 Thornapple Drive Marietta,PA. 17547. Thank you. I am not a dealer
by any means, but a collector who has some doubles. I have tried to keep my
prices fair. I hope you agree.

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