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[Fwd: Re: PC: PC MP-54s]

Here is a response to Gene's letter
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Gene Chase wrote:
> Looking for color pictures of Penn Central MP-54s.  I have one of the MP-54
> at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum at Strasburg, PA. Does anyone know
> where I can get a roster of re-painted MP-54s from the PRR era?  Were the
> same numbers kept?  I have seen the MP-54 picture, March 10, 1976, called
> "Final Roost" that was in Trains Magazine. Only 2 head-ends have the PC
> emblem?  Have also seen article in Trains, Jul' 82, "The Dim Cars."
> I assume some MP-54s were not re-painted but retired?  Thanks,
> Gene Chase
Hi Gene,
	I am afraid I can't help you with photos.  But I remember from my youth
the first MU painted in PC green. It wasn't the olive color green but
rather the loud boxcar and cabin car green.  It was headend on 
a Bryn Mawr Local inbound in 1968.  The public outcry was so great that
it was immediately returned to the shops and repainted. I don't remember
the number but it later appeared as the only MP 54 with the words "Penn
Central" written above the windows at center.  The first MPs done had
the PC at either end near the doors at window level, later on these were
replaced with larger PCs below window level with a single white stripe
just below the windows.  Penn Central soon stopped the repainting and
many red cars remained red cars until the SEPTA era.  

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